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How many FL DEN Stars got into the Summer Institute up in Silver Spring? I know a few from the top of my head that are going to the LC Institute. This will be the first summer in 2 years for me not doing any DEN summer events and it has me hurting. I will miss seeing the entire DEN team along with all of the other DEN members that I like to call friend from around the country.

We’re also coming to that time of year that we call the ‘END’. Which means NECC is around the corner as well. How many will be attending NECC this summer in San Antonio. For us Floridians, we see the penultimate Tech Conference as FETC here in Orlando. My friends, please if you have NOT attended NECC, I would highly recommend saving some money in some way to get out to one at some point. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

About a year ago, I shared with everyone an addon/tool called diigo. Much to my dismay, it didn’t take off as quickly as I would have hoped for. However, the potential was always there. Over the last 3 weeks or so, the use of diigo among the edtech community has skyrocketed. Jennifer Dorman posted over on the PA blog about a DEN diigo group. Just another way to stay connected to the latest DEN information and links that are available.

Tom Turner


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  1. Tracie Belt said:

    I will be at the summer institute in Silver Springs and am very excited. Are there going to be any events in Florida this summer?

  2. Nathan Guteras said:

    At least we are not job hunting. It will give you plenty of time to take some district professiional development this summer. Have you shared with your teachers the newer features of “Assignment Builder” and the writing prompt features for ELL/ESOL/ESE as well as general education writing activities. These work well will Compass’s Writer program as well to build prior background. Nathan

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