It's a Wrap – VoiceThread Wednesday Workshop

April 23_001

This one is literally ‘hot off the presses’.  Just logged out of a very informative session with Celestia on using VoiceThread, converted my snapshots, uploaded them to Flickr….and here we are!

If you were unable to attend tonight’s session, please make sure to visit ‘Things I Can Do in the Second Life World but Cannot Do in Real Life’ VoiceThread created especially for tonight’s session.  Please feel free to add your own audio or text comment.

Jarvis shared some webpages he’s compiled on VoiceThread and they can be found at Technology Learning Center and a wiki, web20ols.

I just wanted to add that there is ONE thing that you can do in SL that you CANNOT do in RL and that is drastically alter your appearance as is shown by our ‘esteemed’ Chair, Riptide Furse.  Can you say, ‘ouuuu, ouuuu, ouu’? (monkey-speak for ‘DEN in SL Rocks!’) LOL

April 23_003


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  1. Elaine Plybon said:

    It was great to see the awesome turnout, even though I kept crashing! I checked this morning, and it appears the ability to add comments is back, at least when I logged in as my husband and used Explorer. So be sure to visit the thread and add your comments – and if you have pictures you’d like to add, email me at


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