ISMF 2008

OK, you know the standard senior moment excuse, “The second thing to go is the memory and I just can’t remember what the first is right now…” Well, I’m running out of reasons for overlooking some media contests, especially old friends like the International Student Media Festival. Completing their tour of Disney theme parks this fall, they will be in Orlando November 5-8th celebrating student work in a broad range of production types and purposes, from podcasts and live action videos to photographic essays. You don’t have to enter to attend, but it might be a little easier convincing the school board and your spouse that you need to go if a student or two gets an entry in by the May 15th deadline. You have to at least check out two videos on the web page. First, there’s a promo piece front and center with students, parents and teachers explaining the scope of the media learning experience. BUT it’s worth watching just for a very young girl’s suggestion for improving the festival; it’s right at the end. (David Warlick, did you plant that little girl in the crowd?) Also, a nice, new feature on the site this year lets you see some of last year’s entries. I highly recommend “No Public Displays of Affection” for starters.

wsliftoffofrocket2.jpgAnd in keeping with my Discovery and 3M Young Scientist Challenge posts over the last couple of weeks, I am proud to say that ISMF is offering a custom tour – A Salute to Science Full Day Experience at the NASA Center for Education as part of the conference. Now don’t you feel that you should give both a try?

P.S. Hall Davidson’s revised PPT’s from the YSC webinars are now available for both the student category:  Student Challenge PowerPoint and the teacher category: Teacher Challenge PowerPoint. The archived webinars should be available very soon.


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