Young Scientist Challenge Webinar PowerPoints

ysc.pngForgive the quick post, but we are getting lots of requests for the PowerPoints used in the webinars for the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. They are posted below. Students and DEN teachers each have their own category so each have their own PowerPoint.
Student Challenge PowerPoint
Teacher Challenge PowerPoint
We have recorded the webinars and as soon as we can clean them up and convert them tofrompowerpoint.jpg media files, they will pop up here. Early next week at the latest! Don’t forget there are two more teacher orientations coming up. April 30 , 8 PM Eastern, and May 6, 6 PM Eastern.  Reminder:  This Challenge consists of  making a two-minute video about a preset (short) list of science concepts. If  you  are not deep into science, your explanation probably will be  more to the point than someone who knows too much!  Give this a shot!  (Pun intended.)


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