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techforum08.gifGot a chance to meet some new friends today and reconnect with old ones at “Technology & Learning” magazine’s Midwest TechForum. What started out as a shared digital storytelling student showcase with good buddy Jon Orech grew into a full Makin’ Movies presentation in order to cover a friend’s session when he suddenly became ill. So, as promised, here is what would have been in the handout.

The American Film Institute’s ScreenNation. Watch, learn, upload, participate in a challenge. Also, AFI’s ScreenEd website.

Compare “How Do Parabolic Reflectors Work?” to “Bernouli’s Principle” on the Discovery and 3M’s Young (and “Old”) Scientist Challenge. It’s the difference between simply documenting an event and making a few simple edit decisions to bring the learning home.

The International Student Media Festival “No PDA’s

Great Minds – Healthy Living Challenge. Compare how two different student crews make some dry statistics about adolescent health come to life in “New Threat” and “Dr. Weird

My homepage with videos and tips.

And a list of exemplary student videos is never complete without a tip of the hat to my hero Marco Torres and the work of his many students.

Also a quick link to Apple’s new moviemaking curriculum. More (a lot more) on that soon.


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  1. Charlene said:

    You are a super star Joe! And, a consummate educator!!
    Thanks especially for the tweet and link to the curriculum guide!!

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