Charlotte-Mecklenburg Day of Discovery

What a wonderful day we just had in Charlotte!!!  The entire Discovery Education team thoroughly enjoyed their time with a group of nearly 100 passionate educators from across the district.  These dedicated educators voluntarily gave their Saturday to continue their own professional development and improve instruction for students.  A special thanks goes to out Scott Muri and Tyrone Freeman from the Northeast Region for working so hard to help make this Day of Discovery happen in

The educators came in with high energy and left with even more energy after a full day of training.  The enthusiasm and eagerness they displayed for all of the information being shared surpassed any other event in which I have had the pleasure to participate.  We can only imagine what the students will experience as some of these new skills are integrated into their daily lessons.

Remember to sign up to become a Star Discovery Educator so we can invite you to other exciting events and learning opportunities in the coming weeks.  We look forward to our continued partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and supporting them in developing engaging educational classroom experiences for all students.  As promised, the presentations from today can be downloaded using the hyperlinks below:

Pulling it All Together: Integrating Discovery Education streaming

Building Blocks of Discovery Education streaming

Beyond the “stream”

Media Making for Every Classroom

Directions to Become a Star Discovery Educator


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