SC DEN and StreamlineSC

Nothing could be finer than some wings in Carolina with the DEN folks!

What a great week! The SC Leadership Council would like to thank SC ETV for hosting three fantastic days of FREE technology workshops. Educators from all over the great Palmetto state had the opportunity to learn new tricks and tips for educational technology, as well as network with other like-minded educators who share a passion for all things techie.

Workshops were held at the ETV studios in Columbia, and covered a variety of topics from Google Earth to StreamlineSC to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Everyone in attendance received a bag of goodies and was entered into drawings for door prizes and one grand prize of a set of Senteos (classroom response system) from SMART Technologies.The folks at ETV also previewed OneplaceSC, which allows educators to access online educational resources like, DISCUS, and StreamlineSC all in one place with one login.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, DEN members (and other very special workshop attendees) had the pleasure…nay, the privilege, to hob-nob with Discovery Education’s very own Brad Fountain. In addition to hosting workshops for ETV, Brad and the SC DEN Leadership Council hosted SC DEN members to an evening of wings and speed DEN-ing.

And the fun didn’t stop there! Leadership Chair, MaryAnn Sansonetti, gave away prizes all evening to the folks who attended the Carolina Wings dinner. Up for grabs were Discovery hats, bags, and DVD’s- just for meeting up and being part of the SC Discovery Educators Network. Why in the world would you NOT join the DEN?! Prizes, wings, AND Brad Fountain… what more to life is there?

Did you attend the dinner with us? Did you attend the ETV Workshop? Check out some of the SC folks below, and leave us a comment!


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