DEN Event Hits One Out of the Ball Park!

We had a fabulous time Saturday at the American Museum of Science and Energy. The facilities sit in the middle of Tennessee’s former “secret city,” Oak Ridge. It was called the “secret city” because scientists were working on nuclear weaponry there during World War II.

Sally Walters was first at bat with “50 Ways to Use Unitedstreaming.” Of course, with only an hour to present, one can only cover about 8 or 10 ways! Sally has some fantastic examples of embedded streaming clips for younger elementary that she created for use at her school. Naturally, she had to spend about as much time explaining how these tools were made as she did describing how streaming clips were used! Our attendees just kept asking questions and making notes!

Karla Halcomb followed her to the plate with a workshop on Quiz Builder. Since our attendees had their own laptops and logins, they were able to create quizzes of their own while following along. Again, lots of questions from the crowd. Karla had answers for all of them!

Steve Dembo stepped up to virtual bat through a skype call to our guests. He spent about 15 minutes talking about the benefits of the DEN, STAR membership, Twitter, Skype, Yugma….well, you know Steve. He did a great job driving up the enthusiasm of the crowd. Before we were done, I believe everyone had signed up for a Twitter account and some have already used the Twitterator to follow the STAR DEN members in that group.

Batting clean up, the Supreme Commander of all things DEN in TN, Teryl Magee, took the group through the process of becoming a STAR DEN member. For possibly the first time since we began our workshops we had some who were already STARs! The rest were anxious to start the process and get their STARdom underway. Look for a big surge in STAR announcements from TN in the next few weeks!

We took a few pictures, but we were limited because the auditorium had to be really dark to see the images from the projector. Below is a short 30 second Animoto clip to show you a little that went on….


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  1. Tracy said:

    This sounded like an awesome opportunity ever since you posted it. I bet it was a fun time… it sure looks like it was!

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