Hamilton Lunch & Learn

I head over to Hamilton, MI on May 7 to join DEN STAR Andy Losik and over a hundred other future DEN STAR educators for a full day of professional development.  Hamilton Community Schools will be hosting the event, with Discovery Education sponsoring a “Lunch & Learn” session.  

I’ll be presenting an overview of the DEN, with teasers of what’s available when you become a DEN STAR.  My challenge/bet for them:

Challenge 1 (Reward: 1/2 day of training for district)

50% of attendees become DEN STAR Educators by May 14

Challlenge 2 (Reward: full day of training for district)

100% of attendees become DEN STAR Educators by May 21 


Follow this Step-by-Step Become a DEN STAR Educator Guide to become a DEN STAR Educator today.

In addition to the above challenges, I’m offering a follow-up webinar to DEN STARs only within the district.  Click here to register.

If you’d like to host a “Lunch & Learn” or take part in a similar challenge within your district, contact me michael_bryant@discovery.com.


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