Mythbusters YSC

So, just in case you’re like me and the last week in April snuck up on you and passed right by, you might have missed our 2007 Discovery and 3M Young Scientist Challenge finalists on the Myth Busters special this weekend (and even the subsequent re-broadcasts on the Discovery Channel). But for those of you who are Discovery Education streaming subscribers, fear not! It’s already up on ‘streaming. Click on this link, log in, and watch the four ’07 Young Scientists guide the MB crew through busting myths about electric vs. gasoline engines, cattle produced methane, and iced Jamie melting greenhouse gasses.
And don’t forget our Hall Davidson led webinars to get yourself and your students introduced to this year’s challenge with video entries: 4/30 at 8pm and 5/6 at 6pm both Eastern time and both for DEN teachers (but applicable to the student entries). The PPT’s are available on Hall’s Media Matters blog and both student and teacher webinars should be available soon in the archives.


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