Take a Trip Down Blog Avenue

Well, we’re near the end of another school year, and since I teach in a related arts class most teachers and administrators think there is nothing going on in my class between now and the end of school.  Field trips, unscheduled student meetings, and a host of other interruptions made it practically impossible to do anything constructive with my students today.  In one class, I only had 5 actually on campus to attend class!

So, I decided to do something constructive for me.

I spent the better part of each class period (when practical) visiting STAR DEN blogs. No, I didn’t waste my time with state blogs or national blogs or employee blogs. I started at the time of the long, long, long list of STAR blogs and began to work my way down.  At the end of the day, I had touched maybe 1/4 of the total blogs out there!

Of course, there are several blogs that were set up at the beginning of the year when hopes were high and dreams were unspoiled. Then…nothing.  I know how this feels.  My blog sat like that my first year also. I had a blog! Wasn’t that enough? For those, I hope I left some encouraging comments to pick up the keyboard and let us know how things are going.  We really are interested!

Others had been updated very recently, and I learned a lot about what was going on in the world. I found some great websites I hadn’t run across before (even on Twitter!). I stole, er, borrowed, er, discovered some really great instruction ideas. I made notes of things I would like to do differently next year based on the successes of others this year.  All in all, I had a great time!

I’ll have some more time on Friday, so I hope to go back through more of the STAR DEN blogs.  Look for the small bread crumbs I leave along the way!

After that? I’m thinking about setting up a new RSS reader account just for these blogs.  I just don’t know how to identify new ones after that.  That’s a job for Super Steve Dembo I guess.

If you haven’t been through the STAR DEN blogs, you owe it to yourself to randomly choose 10 or 15 and check them out.  Oh, and leave a few comment crumbs to let them know you came by.


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