Learning How to Be Unschooly

Background info: Earlier this month, on Youth Twitter, a student in South Korea, Soojin wrote, “just my opinion about youthtwitter: schooly. concrete.”

Hannah, a student in Philadelphia, answered her on Youth Twitter, “I think Alan’s survey is a good example of how not to be ‘schooly’. Students should ask questions of each other and interact.”

Teachers Teaching Teachers invited Soojin, Hannah, Alan, a student from Queens, NY, Lindsea, a student from Honolulu, and Ben, a student from NYC to talk about the possibilities and problems with YouthTwitter on a live webcast (here’s the archive). They also invited some of the students’ teachers who shared tremendous insight.

What a great a conversation about Youth Twitter, and blogging, and social networking and blogging-beyond-school!

A Painting by Lindsea

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