No Blogging, No Civilization


I just finished reading a great blog post, FROM A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT! This H.S. student blog post (see my earlier post: Learning How to be Unschooly) is right on point with an article I just read about a recent PEW research report (here’s the whole report if you’re interested) on student writing, blogging, etc.


PEW researchers noted the demise of punctuation and spelling, as you would expect, but also validated some earlier, more hopeful research. Students involved in blogging and other “self-publishing” technologies may be taking extra care with (or at least reflecting more on) their writing. This point crystallized for me when I read the student blog post I mentioned above (his name is Soojin & his blog is called No Music, No Civilization).

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind after reading some of the PEW report: Do most students blog for their readers or for themselves? Do they blog to disseminate info & thoughts or to record them for posterity? I wonder what the breakdown is…I wonder if it’s any different for “adult” bloggers?

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