Michigan REMC 2 South – DE streaming & cheesecake


Today, about 15 educators from districts in REMC 2 South joined me for a webinar.  The topic of this webinar, Discovery Education streaming.  Why the cheesecake? Let me explain… No let me sum up. 

We, the Discovery Educator Network(DEN), have a bit of a contest going on, Spring Training.  Be the state that adds the most STAR Discovery Educators by June 6, win a Day of Discovery featuring Hall “of-Famer” Davidson.  There are 6 coaches (DEN Account Managers) covering 6 regions.  Each, allegedly, using their own blend of performance enhancers.  For example, Matt Monjan has boosted his stats using corn, but not just any corn, his corn has been treated so when heated the pressure builds, leading to an explosion and the formation of gelatinized starch.  That’s right, as the junkies on the street say, “popcorn“.  Matt has made this part of his region’s weekly training regiment and the numbers don’t lie, popcorn adds STARs.  

Today’s webinar with REMC 2 South lead to the Midwest’s answer to Monjan’s popcorn booster, cheesecake.   Chicago is home to Eli’s Cheesecake.   REMC 2 South is certain this is “THE” performance enhancer of performance enhancers.  The group is fired up and ready to bring in the STARs.  I say you bring in the people, I’ll get you that cheesecake.    

Items promised from today’s webinar:DE streaming Tour ppt

Step-by-Step Become a DEN STAR Educator

Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt Builders Overview

Please contact me if you have any questions,  Mike Bryant, michael_bryant@discovery.com 


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