Boom De Ah Dah

I can’t get enough of the Discovery Channel’s new commercial, “The World Is Just Awesome.”

I also get a kick out of this live version featuring the stars of “Dirty Jobs,” “The Deadliest Catch,” “Man vs. Wild,” and “Cash Cab.” Thanks to Kim Randall, DEN Western Region, by way of Matt “Mojo” Monjan of the DEN Middle Atlantic Region for sharing this link. I bookmarked both clips on the DEN Diigo group.

If you can’t get enough of the song or video, you can download the video, song, and even a ringtone at Discovery Channel.

For those of you in the Mid-Atlantic DEN, check out Matt’s request for your ideas about what’s awesome in the DEN.

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  1. DeadliestFan said:

    I feel the same way. I must have watched that video on repeat for an hour. Really hope they run with it.

  2. Andre Williams said:

    Correct me if I’m wrong… but I’m not supposed to get teary eyed watching a commercial right?

    Best eva!

  3. JMCM said:

    DOnt worry andre the 1st time I saw & heard the song a few tears drop too!!!!! I just hope everyone see it and change their life styles for the good of our planet!!!!!!!

  4. Janis Jade said:

    This is one of the all time greastest commercials EVER. It’s renting space in my head and I love it.

  5. kurtisj said:

    This is absolute genius. Their stars enjoying the world, and we get to go with ’em! That is great promotion. Stuck in my head.

  6. Mary Davis said:

    What a great commercial. Now I will be humming that song all afternoon. Fantastic, it makes me want to go out and discover new horizons.

  7. augy cahya said:

    thanks for the video link.
    first time i heard this song, i just love it.
    i go to my computer….googling a little bit….
    got this blog……

  8. SilentBob said:

    What a great commercial!!! Thx for the links!

  9. Sedated said:

    now if only i could figure out how to get the ringtone on my blackberry. 🙁

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