heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 05/03/2008

  • tags: edtech

  • tags: edtech

    • University of Chicago Law School officials have a simple message for their students: less web surfing, more listening.
    • The school announced April 11 that the distractions afforded by wireless internet access no longer will be available during class time, although laptops still will be permitted for note taking.
    • the University of Chicago Law School is believed to be among the first to implement a school-wide ban.
    • “What makes our law school is our faculty,” Peter Rock Ternes, a second-year Chicago law school student, said in a statement. “I think it makes sense to encourage focusing on them and on the classroom discussions.”

      Banning internet access in classrooms, Levmore said, would restore basic rules of politeness and professional etiquette between students and professors.

    • A professor at Harvard Law School who did not want her name published in this article said disallowing laptops has cultivated class discussion and student participation.
  • tags: edtech

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