May 3rd is Shut Down Day!

OK, so technically, I’m not even supposed to be writing this right now, but I never got a chance to do it last night, so you can just pretend that the following was posted on May 2nd 🙂

Can you survive 24 hours without your computer?

Unless there’s a power outage or an EXTREME vacation involved, it’s usually a challenge for me, but I’m going to do it on May 3rd anyway!

Let’s see just how many people can go without using their computers tomorrow, Saturday, May 3, 2008. To be part of the experiment, just register online, consider advertising Shut Down Day on your blog or website, and maybe even create a short video of what you did with all the extra time you had with family and friends while you weren’t on your computer using all that electricity (Earth Day is Every Day!) There’s a contest you can enter to win some great prizes.

What will you do with your time? I’m going to help my son learn how to ride his bike- we took his training wheels off last weekend- wish me luck!  I’ll try to not Jott or Twitter his progress, but I can’t make any promises about not filming the whole thing.  As long as I don’t upload anything until tomorrow I’ll be good, right 🙂 )

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