Welcome our newest DEN STARS!

SC flag
WOW! The STARS are certainly shining this spring!

SC DEN would like to welcome our SEVENTEEN newest STARS to the family. You’re bound to know at least one of these educators:

Lori Alredge
Ramsey Calhoun
Celia Cooksey
Eileen Fernandez-Parker
Michelle Flamos
Steven Infinger
Debbie Lancaster
Bill Langston
Beth Leavitt
Sandra McLendon
Yolanda Moore
Carrie Ratliff
Joana Robertson
Heli Shelley
Bev Sparkman
Thomas Taylor
Kimberly Terre

Is that your name up there? Tell us where you’re from and make your first appearance on the blog. In fact, I hope that everyone will take a minute to leave a comment for our new members.


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  1. Arischa Conner said:

    Hello to Ramsey Calhoun, from Hopkins Middle School in Hopkins, SC. Welcome to the DEN!

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