It's a Wrap – Get Creative with Images! Online Photo Editing for Education and Fun

Blame it on the workshop!  That’s right!  I’ve been so immersed in the websites that Geekie shared at Wednesday’s workshop that I TOTALLY spaced out on updating the blog!

Poor Paul Revere!  He was the ‘subject’ of image editing on Wednesday.  Needless to say, I hope he’s looked better in real life! LOL  Geekie shared two online photo editing websites, Picknik and Phixr, and even if you were familiar with the websites Geekie managed to show us some ‘advanced’/’creative’ features that many of us weren’t aware of.  Once you’ve editing images you going to want a place to highlight them, and what better place than Scrapblog, an online scrapbooking website.  But, by far, the BESTEST (yes, that’s a word! LOL) part had to have been her sharing Big Huge Labs, which is the cause of this delayed post.  Think of a playground, no wait, think of an arcade, no wait, think of the LARGEST game park around…multiple it by 10, and you’ve got what Big Huge Labs is to images, and to those who want to ‘play’ with those images.

Cel Warholizer

Do you recognize the avatar????  Hint:  She’s on the DEN in SL LC.

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