The DEN is Just Awesome!

This is copied from Matt Monjan’s Blog

Recently my colleague Kim Randall – DEN Western Region- sent me a link that got me thinking about our LCs- in a song like way…

I Love ALL our teachers from coast-to-coast
But of the Mid-Atlantic, I have to boast
We’ve got Virginia and it’s LC team
And Pennsylvania – what a dream
Boom de ah da boom de ah da boom de ah dah

We’ve got New Jersey – what a boon
And Maryland whose LC is coming soon!

Ohio will soon be on its way
which is why I say…
Boom de ah boom de ah da

The Mid Atlantic Team is Just Awesome!

Then I thought…what if you could send me a sound file ( of why you love the DEN and a photo to compliment it? I’ll collate your responses and unveil at the next Day of Discovery – more information coming soon – keep your eye on the blogs!

Of course you can share your comments here too!

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