Set to Screen

Makin’ Movies in Oz Here’s a great learning opportunity from Apple, whether you’re a Mac user or not. Follow Baz Luhrman’s (Moulin Rouge!) production team through the summer as they discuss filming “Australia” in Australia. The Set to Screen Series offers podcasts, lesson plans, challenges, and prizes for high school and college students. The current challenge is to design a movie poster. You can use any or all of set photographer James Fisher’s shots or be completely original with your own.

aus-54226.jpgJust do it by May 26th. There will be regular podcasts to explore many aspects of the movie storytelling process and the current one deals with set design. All this may seem beyond any school’s budget – money or time. But the strategies for visual storytelling are the same, whether you’re creating reality from scratch or shooting the school play on the stage in the gym.
aus-57144.jpgCheck in often to see what’s new and don’t forget to say g’day.

(Pictures are from James Fisher’s Australia Publicity Stills folder downloadable from the Set to Screen design page)


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