It's a Wrap – STARS Shine Bright

Hot off the press and fresh in my mind.  I’m sure I’ll be adding pictures over the next day or so to this post (I often rely on my LC members to add to my supply of pics) so check back.

The evening kicked off with Peyton Merlin sharing Flickr Storm — which, as far as I’m concerned, is the ideal photo assembling site (hmmm, wonder if that’s a new category? LOL).  Basically you’re searching Flickr (with Creative Commons attribution labels), selecting the images you want, collecting them in a ‘tray’, getting a url that is valid as long as Flickr Storm is valid and THAT’S IT!  You provide the students or teachers with the url, or post it to a webpage, or e-mail it out and there they have a perfect photo set for the project they are working on.  (NOTE:  IT people love this since you are not using up server space). 

Following Peyton was Faythe Fouroux who shared a half-dozen websites which she uses.  From preK-6 educational gaming site IKnowThat, to a now *FREE* e-mailing and blogging website e-Pals, to a couple of subscription based websites, such as NetTrekker (think of an educational search engine with read-aloud capability and readability levels listed) [NOTE:  wouldn’t it be GREAT if NetTrekker were to provide DEN STARs w/ a *FREE* one year subscription to their service….hint, hint, hint — in case anyone from NetTrekker is reading this!] to Study Island (a test prep website).

Faythe was followed by Thonalon Umarov who shared the notebook feature of Zoho.  Who knew?  I always thought Zoho was an ‘aka Google Docs’ type of application.  You know, a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation application.  I NEVER knew that Zoho also had a component that was very much like MS’s Notebook, or Google Notebook, or Circus Ponies’ Notebook (Mac).  I’m typing this post as fast as my fingers will let me ’cause I’m heading over to check this feature out before I head to bed tonight.  You can create different pages for different classes or grades/subjects, you can record audio and video, and embed audio/video.  You can check out more on Zoho notebook at Thon’s website.  If you’re currently using the notebook feature in Zoho, would you please leave a comment below as to how you use it and why you think it would be a great tool for teachers to use.  Thanks….

We rounded out our STAR-studded evening with Southern Georgia who shared information on graphic organizers and Thinking Maps from Intel.  I’m sure that Southern’s notecard will be placed in Google Groups in the Files section, so be sure to check that out in a couple of days.

Night all….I’m off to Zoho…..


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