Hello Assessment Bloggers:

I am knee-deep in RTI in Illinois.  I spoke to a friend of mine who is an assessment coordinator for a district in another state, and she said her state is basically saying, “Make me!”  They don’t intend to start dealing with the mandate until 2009-2010 when they are told they have to be in compliance.  How are your states approaching this?  Are you starting right now, or are you waiting to start?




  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Are you talking about “Response to Intervention” ? Yes, in our district (Polk, FL) we have some schools as pilot sites working with the staff at University of South Florida along with the local teams to help augment assessement with school improement plans, data analysis, adapative and assistive technology tools and improved professional learning of educators and families as it related to the “RTI “process. Nathan

  2. Julie Young said:

    We are currently working on becoming an RTI school. We started with K-2 this year. We are excited about the piece of RTI that enables us to have multiple chances at interventions with students who would not normally receive interventions. With the current assessment programs we are using, I believe RTI is doable and very much needed.

  3. sheridanmb said:

    I’m glad you are only Knee deep in RTI. If you get up to your neck it won’t be long before you’re in over your head. I think it is a great idea that is about to make many mistakes and increase anxiety for teachers. Our school has decided that early intervention and assessment are good but we are only willing to do things that we know will work for us. It takes an empowered principal to back off the ” You have to do it this way, now ” people.

  4. Barbara Hockstader said:

    Can anyone suggest any links to information on how thought leaders suggest that school districts and teachers approach RTI?


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