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Via Cindy Lane

As I’ve often said, sometimes the simplest sites are the best. WakerUpper.com only does one thing and it does it well. You put in your phone number, date, time and message, and it’ll call you with it at that time. That’s it! Tadaaaaahhhh!

And yet, its simplicity is its brilliance. I do a fair amount of traveling, and use hotel wake up calls quite a bit. I’m always looking for a backup tho. I can’t depend on the alarm clock on the end table. After all, I still screw my own alarm up at home, and I’ve been using it for years! I hate the alarm on my cell phone. Either I’m constantly doing it wrong, or it just chooses when it wants to go off. So the idea of just setting another wakeup call is sheer brilliance to me.

It will also read aloud to you a message that you type in, making it perfect for reminders as well. Or, if you really need to get out of that meeting, I suppose you could always set it to call you at a convenient time.

Oh yeah, no signup or login is necessary either, which is really nice. However, you can choose to register for their beta and get access to features like snooze and recurring calls. There’s a mobile version of the site, but in order to use it you need to login. So it looks like it may be part of the beta right now as well.

Neat site and one I’ll definitely be using often!


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