Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank you, thank you

Before this really amazing week comes to an end, we have two more gestures of our appreciation and support for STARs.

den bagFirst, for today only all items in the DEN Store are 35% off.  Why 35% you ask?  If you think you know, post a comment to this blog post and the first STAR to answer correctly will get a free DEN duffle bag.

donors chooseSecond, many of you may have heard about DonorsChoose.org.  If not, DonorsChoose is an amazing site where teachers ask for stuff for their classrooms and very generous donors make it happen.  Check out a previous blog entry to learn more. 

Next Thursday, May 15 at 7 PM EST our friends from DonorsChoose will be leading a special webinar for STARs.  You’ll learn tips and tricks for getting your proposal funded.  Plus, one lucky STAR who attends the webinar will receive a $250 gift certificate toward his or her next proposal. 

Register today for this very special webinar about DonorsChoose.


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  1. Cindy Wallace said:

    35%, b/c Discovery Ed is 35 years old.

  2. Cindy Wallace said:

    Discovery Education has served (one million teachers and) 35 million students

  3. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    35,000 members of the discovery educator network.

  4. Denise Thomas said:

    Why? Because 35% was the first percentage suggested and everyone agreed. 😉

  5. Linda Michael said:

    I think you chose 35% because it is a good deal!

  6. Carolyn Pitt said:

    Because there were 35 original STARS?
    Thank you for a great week!

  7. Alison Oswald-Keene said:

    I think you chose 35% discount because a school day is 7 hours and we are there 5 days a week, so that’s how long our work week is….lol

  8. Stephanie said:

    Just MHO, but when I first became a DEN we were sent all kinds of great DEN items for doing all the footwork in getting the word out and signing up new DEN’s. It was great! I really felt motivated and felt a part of the community. Now, that I am a STAR, the care is not there. There were 2 local Florida DEN events that I foudn about after the fact. When I emailed as to why, I got no response. The gifts are about once a year (I got a hat last year) and I must have trained 150 teachers on using your resources. Now I may get a water bottle this year. The motivation is leaving me fast. 35% off for Teacher Appreciation week makes me feel totally underappreciated and used. Sorry for bringing eveyrone down. Just being honest.

  9. Lance Rougeux said:

    Very creative responses. Dave, thanks for making me feel old…I won’t hit 35 for more than a few years 🙂 The reason behind the 35% was that the first public school in the country was established in 1635. Thanks for the good guesses.

  10. Lance Rougeux said:

    @Stephanie…Hi, Stephanie. I sent you an email as well. Thanks for your honesty. I am not sure why you have not heard about the local FL events but I’d suggest you visit the FL LC blog and post a comment. I am sure it was an oversight. Communication is our biggest challenge. Also, feel free at any time to email me directly (lance_rougeux@discovery.com).

    As far as the gifts, that is a tough one. We do our best to make it very apparent that we appreciate our STARs and offer whatever we can without crossing a line. Community and connections are really what it is all about. But, all of the free professional development events (in-person and online), national institutes, regional conferences (that will be announced this week), etc. are big benefits in my opinion. We also offer extended access to our latest and greatest products like the Plus Pack and Science. We take our STARs to premiere events. The list goes on and on.

    Specifically along the lines of stuff we send out, in the past year we’ve sent everyone a back-to-school DEN calendar, Animal Planet sent a Meerkat Manor poster and DVD, our partners at Pria sent everyone a lunch tote with some goodies, etc. The spring training promotion is a fun way to earn a water bottle or shirt. We still offer free training kits for STARs. This past week for Teacher Appreciation Week we had a whole list of items beyond the 35% discount at the DEN store. Monday was 50% off the Teacher Store, Tuesday was a free gift from Tech4Learning, Wednesday was a free gift from Animoto, and Thursday was a cool opportunity from DonorsChoose.

    I am missing some items but the point is we do our very best to make sure that STARs know they are appreciated. At the same time, a lot of these things may get lost because of communication gaps. That is why I personally write the weekly update every week and send it out via email and the blog. The local LCs are also great resources to connect with and see what is going on. I know FL is really active.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.

  11. Teryl Magee said:

    Kudos, Lance! Discovery is such as huge company and I think you all do a fabulous job making us feel a part of it! Thanks for all you do! ~Teryl

  12. Denise Thomas said:

    I’m a new STAR and feel totally appreciated. As a STAR educator I feel I’m the deliverer not the receiver. If things come my way, then that’s great. If not, I’m happy if what I do makes a difference in how we educator our children. Discovery, continue on and thanks for all that you do for us.

  13. Kathy said:

    Thanks for all the great offers for Teacher Appreciation week (and for leaving them up for those of us who didn’t get to check them out last week!)

  14. Carol Anne said:

    Thank you, Discovery, for all you do for the DEN!

    For teacher appreciation week, I’d like to thank YOU for providing us with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with other DEN teachers. Through your generous offerings of providing professional growth, great products, and (most importantly) the collaboration with other teachers, both my students and I learn more each day!

    With a very grateful heart, thank you for the blessings that you give to hundreds of thousands of students around the world! I am continually inspired and energized by you!

    You Rock!
    Carol Anne

  15. Dave Solon said:

    Lance – “Sorry about that chief!” You just seem so mature!

    As for ‘gifts:’ The DEN offers so many unique (and free) outtings and the chance to collaborate and communicate with people around the world. I’ve met so many people that I would never have had a chance to chat with. That’s the greatest gift I could ever receive: the gift of community and friendship.

    Thanks for that DEN!

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