Learning to Change Video

Thanks to David Warlick for blogging about this video on his 2 cents blog. He refers to the video as an “A-ha” video. The U.S. Department of Commerce Ranked 55 industry sectors by their level of IT intensiveness. Education was ranked number 55 — below coal mining. As educators, we have the responsibility to teach our students to use technology and to be digitally literate. If you’re not a tech savvy teacher, I implore you to start slow and don’t be afraid to ask questions of other teachers whether they be face to face or online.

The title of the video is Learn to Change. As lifelong learners, educators are always learning, but to some teachers, technology can be a challenge. It can be intimidating when students are more tech savvy than their teachers, but reach out to them and your colleagues, as well as your friends at the DEN.

The resources available through Discovery Streaming are great stepping stones for teachers looking to create a 21st century classroom. But don’t stop there. In addition to covering the new New York State standards on internet safety, introduce your students to blogs, wikis and social networks. If you’re stuck, you can always get a little help from your friends at the NYDEN.

I’d love for you to post your feelings about the video and how you feel about learning to change and changing to learn.

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