Telling Tales out of School

kingverbs.jpgThat’s what 5th graders from STAR Discovery Educator Tracy Selock’s E2T2 classroom were doing at the Discovery office in Evanston last Friday. With a little help from SMART who brought a board in just for the Kankakee students’ presentations, Mike Bryant, Steve Dembo, me, and a few Discovery employees who could spare a couple of minutes now and then were treated to a wide variety of ways to share a learning story with technology.

  • There were MovieMaker tours of Chicago’s Art Institute (they liked the Egyptian things best) and verbs in action.
  • A SMART Notebook tour with interactive questions about famous NY city landmarks.
  • Blabberized historical figures telling their own story.kinghaiku.jpg

Their news show used green screen to put the anchors into a major network set. Then their in the field report showed balanced journalism as they started to investigate the environmentally unfriendly use of plastic sporks in all lunch meals. After research and interviews, they came to understand how economical, safe and sanitary sporks are compared to conventional metal forks.
We saw haikus written right on the student created photographs that had inspired the words.
And there was a quick look at Google’s Sketchup for designing a school court yard.


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