The Things We Do for Love

YPworld-hero.pngI haven’t been able to describe what I do since I left the classroom. “I teach math” was easy, and nothing in the twenty years since has been that simple to summarize. But since the last post, by way of apology, here is where I’ve been: Saturday (4/12), San Francisco (Leadership 3.0), Sunday, Orange Co. CA (DEN event), Sat (4/19), Fontana (DEN), Sat (4/26), Charlotte, NC (Day of Discovery), Sunday, St. Michaels, MD, Fri/Sat (5/3), New York (BOCES), Baltimore (CTE), Washington (Congress on Content), and Long Beach cag.png(TechForum) (5/9). The Tech Saturday for the Gifted Association was moved to next Saturday in LA. Lots piclens.pngof travel and people. Of course, I love it. I got to speak to more than a thousand educators. Here’s what I learned: Site for 6-way live video chat. Free download (thanks, Bob!). Schools can get Direct TV for free..(thanks Paul!). is a great Google image display resource (thanks, Brian). Jott lets you Twit from your cellphone, and translates word to text! (thanks, Alan). alan.pngAnd I found Alan’s twit on Yes, you can search for your own name. Some fun!


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    And throw in a half dozen or so webinars (one from a restaurant even) and you still gotta wonder what he was doing for those twenty years…

  2. Cathy Webb said:

    Thanks, Hall, for all you continue to do — and to let you know, the nutshell description has moved from “I teach ….” to “I support and facilitate student exploration in math, science, history….” what an amazing challenge we have in the classrooms of America!

  3. Hall Davidson said:

    Thank you, folks. Makes it all seem worthwhile. We who support the teachers in the classroom have a job to do, too, I know. There are never enough ways to help and it’s good to know some of it offers solutions instead of just more problems.

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