CA STARs Leave Earth with NASA and Buzz Aldrin!

It goes without saying that this latest DEN event was definitely “Out of this World”  From the moment STARs walked in they were surrounded with the most incredible high definition images from NASA, not to mention being in the presence of NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and another one of their favorite scientists Bill Nye.

I won’t give away too many details, as I will ask them to share their favorite parts.  But I will say, that Discovery’s newest show When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions’ which details 50 historic years in space with 100 hours of original NASA footage, much of it never seen before,  is one you will not want to miss.  Executive producer, Bill Howard, will expose you to a whole new side of what really went into the missions, planning, and the launch.   It debuts on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, June 8th at 9:00 pm ET/PT.  Lucky for our Discovery Educators, it will also be available on Discovery streaming following the premiere.

So STAR DEN Members… what was your favorite part of the movie, the event, something fascinating you learned?  Let us know…


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  1. Char Gould said:

    The most fascinating? – Would it be watching images that appeared so pristine – many I had never seen before. Or could it be having an opportunity to listen to a man who gave us access to the ‘behind the scenes’ view of history. Or realizing how little I knew about such a heavily publicized series of events. Or maybe how overwhelmed by the concepts of ‘reflecting energy from the Moon’, or ‘we should visit Mars moon first’ or ‘they’ll need to stay on Mars for 20 years or…
    My only disappointment – that not every teacher could have been in the presence of greatness.

  2. Suzanne Wesp said:

    I can remember watching the space events on television (that tells you something about my age). I had a secret dream of becoming an astronaut. I was as enthralled last night as I was those many years ago. I never realized the amazing mission of Gemini 6 & 7 flying side by side for so many hours in space. It was also so incredible to meet Buzz Aldrin. I will probably never meet another human who has walked on the moon – or any other creature for that matter! Thank you, Discovery, for such an exciting opportunity.

  3. Susan Hemans said:

    It was incredible! The photography was amazing and awe inspiring. NASA accomplished so many firsts in such a short amount of time. My students cannot wait to watch the show after looking through the book we received and listening to me today. Just maybe, one of my students will be inspired and I can say I taught an astronaut. Thank you Discovery for letting my husband and I share this wonderful event.

  4. Marie Belt said:

    What an awesome experience! Thank you, Discovery! I have to say that I was enthralled for the entire evening and so excited to meet someone whose life has so changed our human experience. Listening to Buzz’s thoughts about the exploration of Mars and what it would entail reminded me of all of the same types of sacrifices pilgrims throughout the ages have had to face…the colonists coming to America, the pioneers traveling across the U.S. to settle in California or Oregon…people have always been willing to sacrifice for the opportunity of a better life or to experience something that no one has experienced before. That is what it means to be human.

  5. Genevieve Kahlweiss said:

    Thanks again Discovery for continuing to empower us as teachers, providing us wonderful opportunities for growth in our knowledge of the world. Discovery events make learning so exciting and I cannot wait to get back to the classroom to share with my students and other teachers.
    I remember being in my fifth grade classroom watching when the astronauts landed on the moon back in the 60’s. So last night was awesome to learn about the missions that lead up to the moon landing. To be in the presence of Buzz Aldrin and to learn about all the testing that the astronauts had to go through was incredible. The courage and passion that these men had is had to comprehend. I have been thinking about it all day today. I was next to the man who walked on the MOON!
    Thanks for the books last night, I will share it with many students hoping that someone would be inspired to study hard to be a future astronaut. I can’t wait to see all the shows. I will pass on the infomation to all our parents and students to watch “When We Left Earth”

  6. Carol Anne McGuire said:

    Some people never leave their state, let alone their PLANET! How cool to be able to talk to someone who left his footprint on the Moon! By his courage and tenacity, he left a lasting mark on a planet!

    Thank you, Discover, for allowing us to leave a lasting mark on the hearts of our students! It’s through opportunities like this, that we grow and discover ways to be better educators!

    You Rock Our World!
    Carol Anne

  7. Patti Harris said:

    I was totally awestruck last night. As a young girl, I watched the moon walk on TV… as an adult I cried at the Challenger disaster, as a new teacher I thought about the teacher-in-space program. But last night, standing on the roof, under the stars, I looked up at the moon, and chills went down my spine as I marveled at the thought that HE had walked on that very same moon that I looked upon, and he was there among us. The screening was awesome… I can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes. A night I will remember forever!! Thank you for such an exceptional opportunity.

  8. Sarah Johangiry said:

    This was fabulous!!!! I had a great time and was so impressed! The preview was great and made me feel very proud to be an American. It is amazing what NASA and the brave men and women involved with the space program have accomplished. I would highly suggest that everyone check out this new series on the Discovery Channel and encourage your students to watch. What an inspiration for this generation and those to come!!!!!

    My favorite part of the evening was watching the preperation and process that it took to make it to the moon, because it helped remind me that with hard work, a positive outlook, and determination we have the power to do anything that we set our minds to. As teachers, we need to make sure that this meassage is loud and clear in our classrooms!!!!!

    Thank you Discovery for allowing us to take part in such an amazing event!!!

  9. Tom Belt said:

    As a 10 year old boy I remember sitting in front of the TV watching the moon landing take place. For years afterwords, and even as a teenager, anytime we came across sand or barren ground we would pretend we were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin bounding across the surface of the moon. What a great opportunity it was to meet one of these men in person! Thanks for the experience Discovery and DEN.

  10. Hall Davidson said:

    My favorite part: When the host thanked Buzz for his inspiration to a generation. And then, with Buzz sitting there, thanked all the teachers in the room for the same thing. A very, very nice moment.

  11. Shelley Owen said:

    Every time I go to a Discovery or DEN event, I feel inspired and excited about being a teacher; I can’t wait to get back and share the things I’ve learned with my students and my colleagues. Thank you so much for all the opportunities you’ve provided. This latest event was, without a doubt, “Out of This World!”

    I was completely awestruck by the entire evening, from the attention paid to our creature comforts…to the HD images from NASA, to the preview of Discovery’s latest show: When We Left Earth, to actually meeting and speaking with Buzz Aldrin, I am hard pressed to pick a favorite. Shaking hands with a man who walked on the moon was an unprecedented opportunity. I was amazed to learn so many new things about our space program, then and now.

    My students are thrilled with my stories of the event and thrilled with the beautiful book. Already, we are using the book and preparing to watch the series premier next month, as our 3rd graders are right in the middle of their astronomy/solar system unit in science. Perfect timing, Discovery!!!! Thank You.

  12. Janet English said:

    My favorite part was when Buzz Aldrin’s wife snuggled up against him and said, “He’s the closest I’ll ever get to being in space.”

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