A Night in the Stars

This week CA DEN Stars got to hang with a couple big stars as they attended a sneak preview of Discovery’s upcoming series “When We Left Earth“. We got to see a special screening of the new high-def series that chronicles 50 years of space exploration and includes space footage never seen before. Episode 2 told the stories of the Gemini missions that NASA used as preparation for the eventual Apollo missions to the moon. The mishaps and challenges that astronauts and crew faced gave even more relevance to the heroism of those involved. I couldn’t believe that one pair of astronauts sat in one of those tiny capsules for 14 days while orbiting the earth. Footage of their return showed them stumbling and walking around the aircraft carrier. These are some great stories.
As if the backdrop of the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills and the screening of the new show in the high-definition theater weren’t enough, Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye were in the crowd. After the show Buzz did a Q&A (with a little more time spent on the A) for the crowd. His knowledge of space history and the current NASA direction was impressive. Finally we ascended to the roof to gaze up at the stars and the same moon Buzz Aldrin had walked on nearly 40 years ago.

The series premiers on June 8th and will be available on DiscoveryStreaming! There’s some great connections to history and science.


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  1. Sarah Johangiry said:

    OMG!!!! This was a fabulous!!!! My husband and I had a great time and were so impressed! The preview was great and made me feel very proud to be an American…it is amzing what NASA and the brave men and women involved with the space program have accomplished. I would highly suggest that everyone check out this new series on the Discovery channel and encourage your students to watch. What an inspiration for this generation and those to come!!!!! Thank you Discovery for allowing us to take part in such an amazing event!!!

  2. Malinda Hurley and Henry Martens would like to say: said:

    We wanted to say what an honor it was to spend the evening at such a gala event. Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye made the night a memorable experience to share with family, friends, and students. We find the advertisments for “When We Left Earth” at the AMC movie theatres exciting because it instantly takes us back to this fabulous night in Beverly Hills for the series premiere. As a family, we look forward to watching the series every week.

    We are located, in front closest to the Discovey podium (black and white dress-long blonde hair-Malinda Hurley and behind me in a tie and suit with red hair-Henry Martens)

  3. Malinda Hurley and Henry Martens would like to say: said:

    We eagerly await the next event. Once again, a great deal of thanks is in order to the Dicovery Channel for the invatation! It is wonderful feeling to know that teachers’ are appreciated.

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