Science Challenge Video Tip #4

Mission Possible
With just a month left (don’t tempt Murphy’s Law by waiting until June 15th to upload), here is another idea or two to help you put together a student or DEN teacher entry for the Discovery and 3M Young Scientist Challenge. There’s a new video on the “Get Started” page and sample scorecards for all the projects. Both should shed some more light onto creating an entry video. Let’s look at the new kid on the block first and then compare Judge Jake’s scoring for all the projects.

Tscorecard-airpressure.jpghe last and most recent video in the window is “Air Pressure.” It starts out as a parody; always a good format for student videos. Agent James Blond has to follow a message a la “Mission Impossible.” He encourages you to pause the video to read that message. That is also a good strategy for your credits at the end. Save the screen time for your explanation. Black and white at the beginning gives a secret or surveillance camera kind of feel to the introduction. After the experiment, when the hard boiled egg slips into the bottle, he delivers a clever punchline to sum up the power of air pressure.

scorecard-solar.jpgNow, let’s take a quick look at the scorecards. Remember the three videos with the Discovery backgrounds were filmed in the field as part of last year’s finals competition. There was no plan or reason to edit them. They are simply documentation of live demonstrations. The other two were put together by a couple of Jake’s Wizards in Training as examples of what an edited entry could look like. You’ll see that both the edited videos were outscored by “Solar Energy” and were just a bit higher rated than “Parabolic Reflectors.” And “Bernoulli” actually had the lowest score for persuasion because there was too much information. As much as the music added to the movie theme of the “Air Pressure” piece, I don’t see that it added to the final score at all. Remember Meets Ctriteria and Overall Persuasion Presentation (HT: AB, see comment below) are the heaviest weighted scores. So, make it interesting, but keep it simple. Good luck!


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  1. AB said:

    Doesn’t Overall Presentation have the highest weight along with Meets Criteria? I believe it was just a mistake, but just making sure!!

  2. MS said:

    I noticed none of them achieved full points for classroom suitability. What exactly does that refer to?

  3. Joe Brennan said:

    I’m just guessing here, but I think suitability refers to how effective it would actually be if presented as part of a lesson to students.

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