DonorsChoose a Winner!

We had a great webinar and Q&A session tonight about  What an amazing resource for teachers all over the U.S. (yes, FAQ #1 = Teachers in all 50 states can apply).  The reach and impact DonorsChoose has is amazing and I strongly encourage everyone to check it out.  Read a few samples on the site, think about what your students need and then jump in and write your proposal.  It’s that easy!  Plus, we learned a lot of great ways you can market your own proposal to get it funded.  My favorite is the gift registry.  Forget the crystal gravy bowl and ask your family and friends to fund your proposal.  You name it, DonorsChoose has thought of it. 

Here’s the PPT from the webinar that you can use to share this great resource with your colleagues. 

Donors Choose PPT

Oh yeah, btw…DonorsChoose was extremely generous in giving a $250 gift certificate to lucky STAR Discovery Educator Linda Michael.  Congrats, Linda!


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  1. Linda Michael said:

    Wow! I can’t believe I won. Thank-you very much!

  2. Traci Blazosky (ktitraci) said:

    Congratulations Linda!! DonorsChoose is awesome! I put a proposal out on April 7th for an 80G iPod Classic and Belkin Tunetalk… and my proposal was FULLY FUNDED on April 22nd!!! My kids were sooo excited! And… the PPT is great… be sure to share it with your colleagues!

  3. Denise Thomas said:

    Congrats Linda! We did learn a lot. View the ppt if you missed it.

  4. Susan Tompkins said:

    Donors Choose is great! My project for digital cameras was fully funded in April. Everyone needs to take the time to write a proposal. It’s an excellent funding source! Thanks for the ppt.

  5. DeAnna Deneen said:

    DonorsChoose is absolutely fantastic. I just had my second $1000 grant for art supplies funded.

    But I have a question. Does anyone know how to get star designation put onto the DonorsChoose site to get the extra exposure?

    Thanks–and get writing!

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