Award winning STAR Discovery Educators!

It really has been an amazing week.  Within the last few days, I’ve gotten emails alerting me to no less than three STAR Discovery Educators who have won rather prestigious awards!

Carol Anne McGuire, vision specialist and mastermind behind the Rock Our World project, has been honored by ISTE as the 2008 Outstanding Teacher of the Year!

McGuire was nominated by ISTE’s California affiliate (CUE, Computer Using Educators) for her dedication to creating educational resources that aid blind and visually impaired students with the core curriculum. McGuire has been recognized for her work internationally in Israel, Japan and Russia. She is also well-known for her “Rock our World” project that uses technology to help students collaborate across geographical boundaries on songs, movies, and stories.

She wasn’t the only one honored by ISTE this year though.  Lisa Parisi, along with Christine Southerd, Brian Crosby and Martha Thornburgh have won second place for the 2008 SIGTel Online Learning Awards.  Major kudos to everyone who participated in hte “Mysteries of Harris Burdick Collaborative Writing Project.”

Sponsored by ISTE’s Special Interest Group for Telelearning (SIGTel), the Online Learning Awards recognize creative educators worldwide for their pioneering use of telecommunications networks to provide innovative learning opportunities for students in grades K-16. The awards will be presented at the National Education Computing Conference, to be held June 29 through July 2 in San Antonio, Texas.

Finally, Scott Holcomb and his team at Memphis City Schools have been honored by Sonic Foundry for their innovative use of MediaSite.  They have won the 2008 Schoalstic Achievement Award, which recognizes a school district or other organization serving the K-12 educational community that harnessed the poewr of rich media to improve communication, learning and outreach.

Congratulations to all of our award winners, we couldn’t be more proud to have you as members of our community!


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  1. Scott Holcomb said:

    Thanks for the shout out. I just wanted to add that I am just one person of an eight member (STAR Educator) team that received the Rich Media Award. Jeff Baxter(the guy that does most of the work),Cindy Putnam, Linda Eller, Jason Parrish, Wanda Woodruff, Jess Feldman and our great boss- Felicia Fowler! Just a group of nerdy teachers Rockin the world of Ed. Tech! (check us out, please)
    Thanks Steve Dembo!

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