DEN Regional Conference Schedule Announced!

den globe smallCan’t get enough of the DEN’s amazing professional development events?  Good!  Today we are thrilled to announce a series of two-day conferences designed to enhance your use of Discovery Education’s digital media resources.  The DEN Regional Conferences (August through October) are spread out all over the country so that we can reach as many STARs as possible.

Check out the details for a DEN Regional Conference near you.

Central Regional Conference
August 1-2
Dallas, TX

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference
August 1-2
West Long Branch, NJ

Midwest Regional Conference
September 20-21
Glen Ellyn, IL

Western Regional Conference (CA)
September 27-28
Van Nuys, CA

Northeast Regional Conference
September 27-28
Troy, NY

Southern Regional Conference
October 3-4
Huntsville, AL

Western Regional Conference (CO)
October 10-11
Thornton, CO

Attendees must RSVP for a regional conference, be accepted, and attend both days.  There is no registration cost associated with attending these two-day conferences. Additionally, DEN will provide your meals during conference hours.  Travel costs are up to you.

Just like any other DEN experience, attendees will leave tired and energized at the same time.  But most importantly during your two days you’ll be sharing and learning with other educators who are passionate about using technology in their classrooms. And, when it is all over, you’ll return with new skills that are guaranteed to help you reach your 21st century students.


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  1. Sarah Johangiry said:

    This sounds wonderful!!!! Being in the DEN is awesome!!!!!

  2. Linda Prescott said:

    I will try to attend one of these in the fall… this sounds like a great opportunity!

  3. Cindi said:

    Where’s a conference in N. Ca.? So far since DEN has been reorganized N. CA. has been left out of many things-or we have to travel 5-8 hrs to So. CA. where EVERYTHING is. What’s up with that?

  4. Debbie Hamilton said:

    This sounds great – I would love to be considered!!!!!

  5. Debbie Thomson said:

    I am thrilled that you are hosting one in Glen Ellyn. That is very close to me.

  6. Kellie said:

    Great timing and location. Can not wait!!

  7. Lisa Overton said:

    Does anyone know if you can fly or take the train into Chicago, then somehow get to Glen Ellyn without renting a car? Would one on the Chicago Metro lines go to Glen Ellyn? I would be interested in attending if I can figure out the logistics! Thanks!

  8. Betsy Norris said:

    Woohoo! What’s better than being a guide in the Second Life DEN? Of course, it’ll be better attending this session in person!
    Pick me, pick me, pick me, please!

  9. Barbara Williams said:

    I have really missed DEN. I am looking foward to attending one of the REgional conferences in the fall. Thanks for all that you do for us.

  10. Genevieve Kahlweiss said:

    Cindi from N.CA we had the DEN Summer Institute at U.C. Berkeley last year up in N.CA. I will see you at the Western Regional Conference in Van Nuys. You’re part of the best DEN in the country (CA DEN ROCKS!) Come and join the fun it is always worth it! Thanks Discovery for the regional conferences.

  11. Ryse Lawrence said:

    Is it too late to sign up for this conference? The link isn’t working.

  12. Mollie Camacho said:

    My sister’s place is close by….I would love to be at the conference for both days.

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