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Throughout the Ages is an online educational resource from the New York State Archives that offers more than 450 digital images of historical photographs, letters, broadsides, maps, and paintings. Topics include: Around the World, The Environment, Transportation, Agriculture and Industry, United States History, and more. New York teachers developed accompanying lessons and a “Build Your Own Worksheet” option that allows teachers to create customized learning activities for their classes.

Here is a sample worksheet that I created to share with you by following the worksheet directions on the site. It is just as easy as pointing and clicking on what you want to include to share with your students.

Education. Children with Plants for Memorial Day. NYSA_A3045-78_A3687.
Schoolchildren with plants raised in the classroom for decorating soldiers’ graves on Memorial Day, Fairview Garden School, Yonkers, New York, May 1903.
Historical Background
School gardens became popular during the beginning of the twentieth century. By 1910, there were approximately 80,000 school gardens in the United States in twenty-one states, including New York. Some school gardens were built on rooftops, which offered additional and needed space. The school gardens were part of “hands-on” learning and could be connected to real-life experience and learning. Students were able to study and interact with nature and increase their respect for it.
Why were many school gardens in cities built on rooftops?

What jobs would need to be done?

Were the gardens hard work for boys and girls?

What kinds of tools were used for gardening?


New York State Archives


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