heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 05/21/2008

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    • If you missed the opportunity to buy a low-cost mobile computer from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative late last year, you’ll have another chance: OLPC plans to resume its Give One, Get One program, in which people spend $400 to buy one of the nonprofit’s rugged computers and donate a second one to a child in a developing country.
    • The second run of the donor program is expected to begin around the end of the summer and will be open to buyers in Europe and the United States.
    • OLPC recently announced a partnership with Microsoft Corp. that will enable international governments to choose a Linux or Windows operating system on the XO computers they buy. (See “Low-cost XO laptop now runs Windows.”) But buyers in the Give One, Get One program might not be able to opt for Windows unless the nonprofit and Microsoft work out a licensing arrangement.
    • the next-generation “XO-2” reportedly will reduce power consumption even further, to 1 watt.
    • The XO-2 will be about half the size of the first-generation device and will approximate the size of a book.
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