This is way too exciting and way too cool and I wish I could take credit for figuring this out.  Yesterday my colleague Kim Randall (DEN Account Manager, Western Region) sent me instructions that she received from Dennis Cowick a DEN Star Educator from San Diego Unified School District. CC Instructions for Macs

I have attached the Word Doc that he created along with screen shots. Now Mac users can download CC files and enhance/change the actual CC text too. Thank you Dennis!

In addition to the CC Word doc, I’ve also created a PowerPoint that walks you through the steps that both PC and Mac users should take when downloading videos and CC files. You’ll also find integration ideas and a neat CC trick that shows you how to change the CC font size, color and even the text itself!  I hope that you can use this deck as a tool to show your peers the power of close captioning and media. Close Captioning For PCs and Macs

Finally, by way of Lori Miller a DEN Star from Montgomery County Public Schools, MD, I’ve attached a Word doc that outlines the steps that you’ll need to take to get CC files to play within a Promethean Flip Chart. Thank you Lori! Promethean and CC files

As always, a huge thank you to you – the DEN Stars.  You are not only educating your students but we techies too – keep on sharing your fantastic creativity!


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    Nice work, Dennis (and Kim and Matt)! Dennis’ other claim to fame is winning last year’s $250,000 Best Buy grant with the purpose of documenting the unsung heroes in their community. I had the privilege of spending a day with Dennis and his district’s teachers. We did a quick version of “Lights, Camera, Education!” before turning our sights on interviewing. You can see what those teachers’ students accomplished in the course of the year at And watch for more on them in my digital storytelling blog and the June 10th webinar.

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