Science Challenge Video Tip #6

yscmusic.jpgMusic, Maestro, please!

I hesitate to call this a video tip because it’s really just frosting. If or when you’ve registered, you will find a nice surprise on the page after you log in. No, it’s not the link to a page of pictures of Hall and me with links to our blog posts on the Discovery and 3M Young Scientist Challenge. There are more than 50 tunes from Discovery’s own music library cleared for your use in this project. They are even arranged in groups so that you won’t spend more time looking for just the right piece instead of polishing your scientific illumination. So, AFTER you have shed your light on one of the chosen topics, give some thought to adding a little musical touch. And don’t forget to credit Discovery for the music along with any other source you may have used. Remember, use these only for your YSC video submission and for nothing else. The rights to add this copyrighted music are for that purpose only. P.S. watch the volume on the sound track. Music should never overwhelm your voice and what you have to say.

And the Mythbusters wonder what you’re waiting for…, an invitation from them?


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