Gentle Reminder – May 28th *TIME CHANGE*

Good Morning!  Yes, I’m in a ‘chipper’ mood this morning….the sun is (finally!) shining, the forecast is for increasingly warmer temps over the next three days, there’s NO SCHOOL on Monday, I don’t have any ‘looming’ deadlines in front of me this weekend, and life is good!

Want to remind you of our upcoming Wednesday Workshop, ‘Spring Training Trivia’.  The DEN in SL is giving away Linden dollars again — well, not exactly ‘giving’ them away, you do have to earn them by being the first to get the answer to one of the trivia questions correct!  This is going to be a mixed bag of trivia so everyone can have a chance of winning some money.  The only thing is the fastest typer with the correct answer gets the money. So practice over at Typer Shark
or TypeRacer.  AND REMEMBER!!!  WE ARE MEETING AT 4 P.M. SLT (6 p.m. CST, 7 p.m. EST).

And plan on staying for Part II – the ‘Senior Project’, immediately following the trivia event.   DEN in SL will be playing host to Aspen Alexandria (SL)/Carleen Osher (RL), CEO/ Executive Director for the Senior Project Center Senior Project.  Here’s a summary of the Senior Project from their website:  “Incorporating traditional and performance based teaching and curricula strategies that merge with a foundation of strong basic knowledge and skills requiring a real world application, Senior Project is a challenging student driven, teacher-guided culminating program. Senior Project High Schools require seniors competently to complete each of the following related 4 P’s:Paper, Product, Portfolio, Presentation.”
You can learn more at:


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  1. Pamet Heron said:

    Can you give me the Slurl of the Spring Trivia Training tonight?

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