Illinois Bill on Cyberbullying goes to Governor…

Bill Status of 2426 – The bill is in the Governor’s hands waiting to be signed…

5/22/2008 House Third Reading – Short Debate – Passed 108-001-000
5/22/2008 Senate Passed Both Houses

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Harassing and Obscene Communications Act. Creates the Cyberbullying Law. Provides that the offense of harassment through electronic communications also includes the use of electronic communication for making a harassing statement for the purpose of alarming, tormenting, or terrorizing a specific person on at least 2 separate occasions; or creating and maintaining an Internet website or webpage, which is accessible to one or more third parties for a period of at least 24 hours, and which contains harassing statements made for the purpose of alarming, tormenting, or terrorizing a specific person. Establishes penalties. Effective immediately.

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… Zap teen “cyberbullying” via the Internet, text messages, and e-mail. The legislation targets iHarassment, iTormenting or iTerrorizing a specific person at least twice, including posting Web site smackdowns.

The cyberbullies would be yanked from their gizzmos for up to one year in the slammer for a first offense. Yikes. Repeat iPests would be staring at 1-3 years in the pokey. Double Yikes.

Hmm… Where do educators in Illinois stand on this bill? What should the punishments of this kind of behavior be? Speak up…


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  1. bobmike said:

    This is a good thing. Because nowadays it is getting much worse. So many people are there who send mails and messages containing abusive words. If no action is taken against them then it will continue to much worse condition. So what kind of punishment will be given for them?


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  2. Betsy DeBiase said:

    I’m glad that action is taken immediately, but I am concerned that just negative punishments without effective counseling to ALL parties involved are being dealt with.
    How do we plan to deal with minors? Does the responsibility then fall unto their parents/guardians who provided the electronic devices from which the cyberbullying started?

  3. Betsy DeBiase said:

    I am glad action is FINALLY being taken, however I am worried about how the state plans to enforce this.
    Schools & administrators dislike admitting this type of action (as well as face-to-face bullying), but I am hopeful things will change with a new year…

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