Live from Mission Control… Mars calling!


Darcy White, Alison Oswald-Keene, Justin Karkow and I (Diana Laufenberg) were just treated to an amazing event at Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA. About two hours ago we were on site watching as the information reported in on the Phoenix Mars Lander landing. Just a few minutes ago, mission control and the scientists at the University of Arizona received the first images from the lander. The mission, so far, has exceeded expectations and spirits are very high. We are all amazed to have been able to be here, in real time, for the event. This was quite a treat. More to come later… stay tuned! THANKS to Justin Karkow and Discovery for the fabulous opportunity!

Here are the links to video footage shot by Darcy White and pictures from Justin Karkow!

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  1. Mark Dunk said:

    Hats off to the folks at JPL!!!!! Especially the folks who set up the EDL experience in Second Life. It was amazing to see all of the SL avatars helping each other get the video feed, answering questions, etc. While we could not be at JPL for the event, JPL made it so we had the next-best experience via Second Life. Way to go Phoenix Team ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Barbara De Santis said:

    This must have been so exciting! I watched the landing (or the report of it) on the Science Channel last night. I’m glad you had suc a great time.

  3. Olympiastadion said:

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