Transforming…more than meets the eye

At the risk of sounding too geeky – I’ve renamed this blog in reference to a few different things:

  1. One of my all-time favorite cartoons, Transformers, (loved movie too) when I was growing up (ok maybe still)
  2. The Phoenix bird (see image in header)
  3. My love for technology and its impact within the classroom

All of these things have a common theme – transforming into something even better.

  • The transformer cars, planes, and bikes, etc all joined together to become a super-entity maximizing the strengths of each individual unit.
  • The mythic phoenix bird rising from the ashes has symbolized transformation and/or rebirth since Egyptian times
  • And edtech is constantly evolving in new and exciting areas, challenging students and teachers alike to think in new and collaborative ways.

So, there you have it my friend, the reason I have chosen this quirky, and very geeky, blog name. I hope to transform the former Matt Monjan blog into a place where you can come and get ideas, tech tips and tricks, and knowledge that I come across along the way. Hopefully we can enjoy this journey together as I welcome all of your comments!

On another note, it will also be a place where I cheer on ALL of our DEN star educators and, of course, the Mid-Atlantic region!

Speaking of…did you know that on June 7, 2008 the VA DEN is going to host a Virginia Day of Discovery? And the really cool thing is that you can participate from the comfort of your house as many of the sessions, including the keynotes, (afternoon by The Hall Davidson) will be delivered via webex.

To see the agenda/program check out the attached .pdf Virginia Day of Discovery agenda/program

To register make sure you go to the online registration form and register today!


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