Create Custom Graphics for PowerPoint

Every once in a while I run across something that just shouts, “Put this on the blog!” When I ran across a link to the Rapid E-Learning Blog, I heard that shrill scream in my ear again.

How many times have you looked and looked and looked for just the right clip art to put in a PowerPoint presentation? If you are cheap like me and don’t subscribe to paid photography sites, you probably lost count a long time ago.

So here’s a little secret I didn’t know: Using the graphics in Microsoft’s Clip Art Gallery, you can actually change the clip art to suit your needs. That’s right…change it to create something totally new that only you will use. In other words, every PowerPoint presentation you do can be uniquely yours!

Here is the gist of the idea. Most of the clipart in the gallery is a series of smaller, single graphic pieces that have been grouped to form one image. You can disassemble them by right clicking the graphic and selecting “ungroup” (some images require you to do this twice).

Once ungrouped, you can remove, edit, or add anything you like. I’ve included links to 3 posts about this subject. I recommend you read them all. Each has another piece of the puzzle to share. You can look for my own unique graphics the next time you see me present!

Little Known Ways to Create Your Own Graphics

What You Need To Know When Working With Grouped Clip Art

Create Custom Characters for Your E-Learning Scenarios

You can bet I’ve put this blog on my blog reader speed dial!


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  1. Tom Kuhlmann said:

    Hello Tim,

    Thanks for the enthusiastic plug. I’m glad you find the info helpful. I’ve got some other PowerPoint stuff planned for this year.

    I see you’re on the I just did little demo of how to integrate their content into an online product. Send me an email and I’ll get you a beta invitation to our new products. It’s pretty cool.

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