Planet Green and The Emerald City

When I reflect on the year in review and Discovery Education’s impact on our lives, one word comes to mind: firsts. Discovery does it first. And better. Doesn’t matter what it is; Discovery is out there pioneering the cutting edge before the edge is cut. That’s what I love about Discovery Education. Dream it and they do it. I know I’m starting to sound like a commercial, but I remember asking our national team if they could bring us webinars for students and teachers. They delivered the goods, and they never rest on their laurels. They pilot, pioneer, and challenge us to rethink what a communications network can and should be.

So, I was really excited that 13 DEN STARS will join yet another Discovery cutting edge event at Nationals Park on June 6 when, at 6 PM, the Discovery Network launches Planet Green, the first-ever 24-hour eco-lifestyle entertainment network. And at 6:59, the opening pitch of the game begins. Talk about a great launch!

At 11:45 PM, great segues don’t come easily, so I’ll just jump into my next point (I promise there’s a connection). I live on a farm in the middle of an it’s-not-on-the-map place with sprawling green and I love every (backbreaking, sometimes) minute of it. And for the last 6 years of being in the heart of a place-time-forgot, I went green. We have real (well) water, tested, pure, chemical-free. But to keep it that way, I am totally conscious of how every choice I make impacts the (aka my immediate) environment. Before the move to the farm, I never gave a second thought to laundry detergents, bleach, sprays, or things organic–it just wasn’t how I lived. When, however, your choices could (translate will) impact your water supply, your stamp orchard, your animals–you get eco-conscious. You go green.

So, in catching up with my life after IP, I’m reading Body and Soul, June issue, and on page 24 a title catches my eye: “The Emerald City.” A short paragraph in the Whole Living section, The Emerald City is Greensburg, Kansas, a town decimated by a 1.7 mile-wide tornado. The town, however, is making eco-history “by rebuilding with LEED Platinum rating standards for all city buildings and reducing its energy use by 42 percent over the current requirements. It even plans for a biodiesel plant nearby.” And the film–Greensburg–documenting every step of the initiative–here’s the aha moment–premiers on Discovery Communications’ new channel, Planet Green. Connecting the world to its most valuable resources–sustainable living.