Upcoming Deadlines!

Okay, first of all, I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I posted to this blog! It seems like when the school year starts to wind down, everything ramps up and guess what gets set aside? That’s right . . . everything we enjoy!

I wanted to be sure to make everyone aware of some upcoming deadlines for some really great opportunities. First, the LiveGreen Teacher Grant deadline is coming up on June 15. Use this money to do some really cool GREEN projects with your students next year! Click HERE to learn more.

Next is the Discovery Science Teacher of the Year Award application. Don’t be fooled by the name, you don’t have to be a science teacher to apply, it is an award being presented by Discovery Science. All you have to do is make a video that demonstrates a science concept and you can apply! Hurry, though, the deadline is June 15.

If you apply for and win these or any other awards or grants, let us know. We’ll spotlight you on the blog!

Lastly, you still have time to earn some cool stuff by reporting your events and/or recruiting a new STAR! Even if you just became a STAR yourself, you can sign someone else up and get a DEN shirt. Click the ribbon in the upper right corner for more information on becoming a STAR.


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