Hometown Challenge #2

Just a reminder as you are packing (or have packed) up for the summer, there’s still another month left to enter the American Film Institute’s Hometown Claim to Fame challenge. Right now it’s looking pretty good for a town just a couple of suburbs away from mine. They have three entries in! Though my sentimental favorite would be the suburb next to my old neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, Hometown, IL. This could be a good chance to get your feet wet and get your junior hi and high school students thinking about learning and sharing on ScreenNation. I hear future challenges will be hosted by Sean Astin and Jennifer Love Hewitt! And, judging by Brett Harvey’s post on the California DEN blog, it looks like Hollywood’s home state is poised to join the fray. So tell us about your hometown or I may just have to PhotoShop a ridiculous pot onto YOUR picture.

P.S. Barely two weeks left to get your teacher or 5th-8th grade student entry in for the Discovery and 3M Young Scientist Challenge. There will be a special webinar with the Mythbusters next school year just for schools that enter.


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