Newest House On The Block

Over the year’s I’ve posted PowerPoint presentations, Word Docs, and more on the streaming A-Z blog but found that they can be hard to find the more I post.

So that said, I have created the Bird House page to post resources that I have created or collected from my tech friends. I’ll try to keep them in a themed area and somewhat organized. So check it out (look up – see its right there in the header bar) and feel free to download these resources and make them yours!



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  1. Genevieve Kahlweiss said:


    Thanks for the Bird House. This will make it easier to find your presentations. I have used your PowerPoint presentations for my workshops with teachers. I have used the builders and the Movie Maker. I just watched the Top Ten Web 2.0 and this will be great. I will see you this summer at the institute, June 21.

    You taught me so much last year at Berkeley, I am looking forward to learning more new things. Thanks for your wonderful resources. See you soon!

    Hey, Joe I would like to see the egg picture of Matt. From one Geekybird to another! Genny Kahlweiss

  2. Denise Thomas said:

    This is a great way to help us access your powerpoints. Thanks Matt!

    Also, thanks for the great Day of Discovery yesterday in VA Beach. It was great!

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