It's a Wrap – Trivia Night and Seniors Project

Well, Riptide was at his peak on Wednesday night.  His questions are becoming more and more challenging and it wasn’t simply a matter of typing like a maniac to answer the question correctly — you actually had to ‘think’! LOL  Vita and DocL both tied as the winners, with Valaina a close second.  Congrats to all who managed to answer one of Riptide’s questions correctly!  I for one, was happy to have been unable to play because I was on the Leadership Council (I think that out of all the questions, which I believe numbered 50, I only was able to ‘answer’ one correctly!). 

Valaina upon learning that she answered a question correctly!

Trivia May 28 (10)

Trivia May 28 (6)

Following the hour of Trivia, we were pleased to host the Senior Project as they shared their project with us.  “Incorporating traditional and performance based teaching and curricula strategies that merge with a foundation of strong basic knowledge and skills requiring a real world application, Senior Project is a challenging student driven, teacher-guided culminating program. Senior Project High Schools require seniors competently to complete each of the following related 4 P’s – Paper, Product, Portfolio, Presentation.”  You can visit them in-world here.  They are located on EduIsland II right above SLolar Central.



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