Data Visualized

Chris Ryan in our office brought this site to my attention. Thanks Chris.

The internet is full of data. Maybe it’s in the form of a report, a spreadsheet, an online database, … this just keeps going. In-house, we use dabbledb to help capture, organize and report data. It rocks and if you’re looking for a easy to use database, you know get rid of the 20 or so copies of that one updated spreadsheet, then I suggest giving dabbledb a chance. The one component of Dabbledb I wish was a little slicker is the visualization of the data.

In comes, Many Eyes with a very cool interface for visualizing large and small amounts of data. Check out my quick visualization above, Many Eyes is a part of IBM’s alpha works.  A ton of data has already been uploaded by users. Data you can pick through and create you’re own visualization with or, like I did, upload your own data set. The data set I uploaded comes from The National Center for Education Statistics.

I’d love to hear what you think about the site as well as see some visualizations you create.


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