Philly Flips for the Frog Man!

Another week, another GREAT Discovery Education Event! On Tuesday, May 20th, I had the pleasure of attending a private reception and screening for Discovery’s new show When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions’ which details 50 historic years in space.I was among the first to view archival NASA footage that has never been seen before as well as meet an astronaut featured in the documentary!jeff_with_lizard_on_headresized.jpg

This past Friday, I was able to attend another amazing tri-state Discovery Education event with Lance, Martha & a few other DEN stars, like Meg Griffin and Dave Solon from PA. We met at Alma de Cuba, a funky little restaurant in Philly, for an intimate night with Jeff Corwin. Jeff is in town for the Animal Planet’s big Expo in Coatsville, PA. Thanks Discovery for the opportunity to meet this passionate steward of our planet- and for the opportunity to get an autograph for my son!

Jeff took great time and care to explain his latest, and what he says is his most important project to date- an investigation into the expansive and rapid extinction of frogs on our planet. He said that120 frog species have become extinct since the 1980’s and that number is growing exponentially- it is estimated that over half of the remaining 6,000 are currently endangered. As an indicator species, frogs and other amphibians shed light on atmospheric conditions on our planet. In fact, Jeff referred to frogs as the “canaries of our planet” and made a personal plea to us that night to make sure we educate our students about these important environmental indicators.

Please visit Animal Planet and the R.O.A.R. page * to learn more about what you and your students can do to help save these creatures.  Keep an eye out this summer for Jeff Corwin’s show: The Vanishing Frog.

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